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In this section you will find the answers to frequent questions that some visitors have posted about the aesthetic procedures that we perform.

What is the difference between Buttock Bioplasty and what are commonly called buttock injections?

Buttocks Bioplasty:

  1. It’s a minimally invasive medical procedure performed by licensed doctors under medical standards and protocols in aseptic and sterile conditions.
  2. Product is legitimate, branded and authorized by the Brazilian health authority (Anvisa). As such it causes no health side effects.
  3. It is considered a permanent procedure since its duration can be up to 7 years.
  4. Buttocks volume is kept within the intrinsic capacity of each person’s tissues, never exceeding it. We cannot adopt that misleading marketing speech that uses terms such as number of syringes, ampoules or cc’s being that capacity of patient’s tissues cannot be predicted beforehand; in any case, doctors will always do everything within their reach to meet patient’s expectations.

Buttock injections:

  1. It is a non-legal and misleading procedure practiced by people outside the medical field who hide the true nature of the substance they inject. There is usually no medical standard or ideal conditions for sterility and asepsis.
  2. Unknown product that is often disguised under a brand name, with the potential of causing severe health damage, even death.
  3. Clients are misled into believing that it is a permanent solution avoiding mentioning that instead frequent subsequent visits are required to inject more product since the substance often calcifies causing flaccidity, which in turn causes loss of shape and distortion. In the long run, buttocks sag and look distorted being that all of that injected substance in the end falls under the force of gravity.
  4. People who sell buttock injections offer extravagant volumes which is very dangerous for the tissues as it can cause necrosis and severe health complications.
What is the difference between Buttock Bioplasty and what are commonly called buttock injections?

Based on the premise that the filling substance cannot be used liberally but inner anatomical capacity must be taken into serious consideration, going for both areas at the same time is not recommended due to the complexities arisen when exceeding instillation. Patients that are small body frames may opt for correction of lateral hips indentations and buttocks mass replenishment at the same time, provided realistic and down-to-earth expectations. Instilling PMMA into hips requires a great deal of anatomy knowledge as there might be lot of hollow space between the iliac crest and the external edge of the buttocks; for this reasons, we rather perform hips separately from buttocks, however this area will always blend naturally with buttocks so that no gaps remain in between leaving the context buttocks-hips as a single unity.

What exactly do you use?

Buttock bioplasty is performed by controlled instillation of microscopic spheres of polymethylmethacrylate (PMMA) which are manufactured using a technology called UMSS (Uniform Microsphere Smooth Surface) that ensures high purity, total sphericity, smoothness and homogeneity. Using microcannulae, these microspheres are carried to the desired location by means of a highly viscous biocompatible gel that protects and pads them producing an immediate replenishment of buttocks always according to the internal capacity of the person. When the internal capacity of the tissues is deficient, PMMA serves as a tissue expander. In the long run, microspheres stimulate new connective tissue formation which reinforces tissues creating an extracellular matrix comprised of type-I collagen and elastic fibers.

Why it's important to understand the difference between Biocompatible, Bioactive and Inert substances?

Any substance implanted into the body which does not cause rejection is considered biocompatible. PMMA is a biocompatible substance but at the same time it is Bioactive being that microspheres interact with the surrounding tissue, stimulating a particular type of cell called fibroblast to produce type-I collagen and elastic fibers which form a matrix of connective tissue that serves as a reinforcing and support structure for the tissues themselves, restoring lost elasticity and youth.

On the other hand, an inert substance such as the one used by people who offer buttock injections is a liquid that simply fills and inflates glutes tissues but does not have any stimulating properties hence it stays there as a dead weight that over time undergoes a process of deterioration producing hardening and calcification which affects the internal structure of the tissues making them flaccid and saggy. Many times, it doesn’t even stay in place but migrates dangerously to other parts of the body.

Is Bioplasty surgery?

Bioplasty is a minimally invasive medical procedure. It is not surgery and it is performed in doctor’s office under strict standards of sterility and asepsis using only local anesthesia. Bioplasty does not require recovery as such but only one or two days of rest.

Is price of bioplasty based on the amount of dermal filler you inject?

Price is not based on quantity of syringes, ampoules or cc’s.

First of all it is worth saying that not everyone is a good candidate for Bioplasty, i.e. Bioplasty is a selective procedure as can be seen in the cases shown in our Instagram account.

Bioplasty price may vary depending on patient’s body frame but we cannot handle the speech that the more substance patients pay for, the more volume they will get because bioplasty does not work that way. Final result depends on factors that can only be evaluated at the time of the procedure such as the tissues capacity to expand under PMMA instillation and this is impossible to predict beforehand.

Specialists will always do everything in their power to maximize final results and get as close as possible to patient’s expectations.

Will my glutes look natural? Will they be soft?

Yes, the product based on PMMA microspheres that we use, which is approved by the Brazilian FDA, gives a completely natural, soft-touch result, exactly as if it were your own tissue.

Why PMMA is not approved by the FDA for use in glutes?

Well, this is not entirely true; in fact THERE IS an FDA-approved product that contains PMMA microspheres in a bovine collagen vehicle; its name is Bellafill (formerly Artefill) and it is indicated for face use. However, in theory, when used off-label, it is possible to inject Bellafill into the buttocks but, besides the extremely high cost, Bellafill is not suitable for glutes tissues due to its low viscosity and short duration (6-8 months).

Those Brazilian laboratories that own the licenses and medical clearances of PMMA fillers, are unwilling to invest hundreds of millions of dollars needed to get their products approved in the United States by such a bureaucratic and restrictive agency as the FDA, which by the way, maintains obstacles to hundreds of drugs, medical substances and devices that outside of the United States are used very successfully with proven efficacy and safety. They are simply not willing to take that risk, so those who want to have their buttocks augmented safely must necessarily travel to South America, yet not every place is adequate.

Is it possible to increase the volume of buttocks in the U.S. using some FDA-approved PMMA-based substance?

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