Why Safe Buttocks Cost More

January 11, 2020

Legitimate aesthetic medicine is based on the use of biocompatible products free of side effects that entirely move away from the world of illegal silicone injections; Linnea Safe brand is a leader in safety and biocompatibility with its state-of-the-art tissue expander based on PMMA microspheres manufactured with exclusive UMSS technology that confers them perfect sphericity, smoothness and uniformity. Microspheres are suspended in a biocompatible and slowly resorbable gel that fulfills the double role of protecting them on their way to the tissues to be treated and at the same time offering an immediate buttocks volume while microspheres carry out their task of stimulating fibroblasts which are those specialized cells in charge of producing collagen and elastin, fundamental elements for strengthening the internal buttocks tissues.

The clandestine silicone injections underworld has caused great damage to both men’s and women’s psyches. We have been led to think that it is normal for women to have massive colossal glutes associating them with sex appeal when in fact those enormous butts that we observe in some celebs have become icons of the wrongdoing.

Modern, urban, health-conscious women, regularly working out, oriented towards achieving goals within today’s demanding society, seek balance, harmony, definition and contour of their own curves rather than adopting foreign stereotypes imposed by a fashion that falsifies the human figure.

Pumping up buttocks as if they were balloons has been the idiosyncrasy behind the so called “butt injections” meaning that, besides putting your health at risk due to the mortal danger that silicone represents inside your body, it also causes flabbiness and flaccidity due to the heavy load such substance puts on buttocks.

Luckily, bioplasty comes to the rescue with a modern and fresh approach originated in Brazil by authorities in the field that slowly but steadily are changing the paradigm of beauty taking it from the limited vision focused merely on volumes towards a more realistic view where the important factor is firmness, moderate projection, contour, definition and above all health safety and procedure longevity; it is about enhancing the derriere not deforming it: improving definition not inflating it as if a balloon.

Unlike silicone, which is an inert and heavy substance that never manages to integrate with the tissues, PMMA microspheres become part of them, strengthening and reaffirming them. Those tissues that have been subjected to very invasive and traumatic procedures such as BBL or gluteal prosthesis and subsequent removal benefit greatly from the infiltration of this tissue expander since it stimulates the production of new connective tissue repairing and strengthening them.

Legitimate PMMA brands officially approved are not cheap substances, unlike illegal ones that can be obtained at very low cost.

Certified PMMA retails for about US$60 per ml; considering that a buttock bioplasty may require in between 200 and 300 ml of tissue expander, cost of product alone without taking into account medical fees and other expenses, can reach $12,000 up to $18,000.

This procedure was therefore reserved for the rich and famous until some medical practices managed to reach very favorable agreements with the manufacturer of the product provided significant investments were made; this allows offering prices within the reach of a large majority of people.

Buttock bioplasty performed with legitimate substances represents the best way to improve the looks and shape of buttocks, perfectly adapting to the healthy lifestyle of today’s women. A safe procedure, free of complications and side effects with great longevity.

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