Why having humongous buttocks is not a feasible option anymore

March 18, 2017

..Having buttocks volume diminished is quite common these days being that we do not often  closely look at our behinds besides the fact wearing clothes puts us aside a reality we keep ignorant about.

We realize about the importance of having neat impeccable faces, everything you may think of, from all kind of rejuvenating lotions, dermal filler injections to soften lines, firming treatments, cleansing, nourishing and even surgeries are contemplated among beauty batteries needed to keep young, yet buttocks we tend to think, will do fine at gym only.

Working out is a must yet not everything for optimum buttocks appearance. Too much working out does not always develop gluteus muscles but it rather burns off fatty tissues needed for the gracious bouncing effect i.e. the jiggling factor young buttocks have much of.

When buttocks are nothing but muscular, they tend to become masculine and indeed hard as a rock which is not all that much attractive.

Sedentary life on the other hand, although people may be slim, shows poor buttocks volume, kind of saggy, flaccid, shapeless buttocks.

Basically you ought to know gluteus Bioplasty aims to having inner mass loss restored through a last generation natural biodegradable implant aimed to not only sculpting buttocks for enhanced overall appearance but also producing natural inner reactions for the production of  chains of connective tissue formation to strengthen from the inside too.

Buttocks Bioplasty produces immediate sculpting, shape improving, hollow areas filling, contouring and volume restoring whilst also working at inner anatomical level at the same time.
Just like any other part of our body we take care of, our glutes need being relevant, enhanced yet within a realistic way, a much more well educated option than falling for the usual ‘shots speech’ oriented to the humongous volume slogan handled by silicone injectors, preaching “the larger the best”.

Actual genuine microspheres of PMMA differ from silicone on that Bioplasty does not put the accent in huge volumes as silicone does, but promoting inner strengthening whilst sculpting and contouring on the outside at the same time. Subcutaneous fat is essential for the restoring of our best buttocks health conditions.

The huge buttocks trend performed with silicone not only has negative health side effects but in the long run silicone does not have a friendly interaction with human body being it stores in a calcified form alike chalk, causing inner tissues to suffer flaccidity and all type of  rejections from immune disorders to physical responses such as lumps, indentations, labyrinths of hollow areas inside.

The massive butt trend is one that will not have defenses against gravity force which will favor droopiness.

Having been at least 3 decades under the influence of silicone pumpers and their extravagant speech, where cramming indiscriminate amount of substance inside should be the only thing worthwhile doing, is a situation that is already coming to an end. The myth where the only thing needed to have beautiful rears depends on volume only is a situation we ought to review under the light of short and long term consequences.

Today we look at integral ways of approaching beauty which is based in health rather than against it.

Buttocks being subjected to a lot of heavy use, when sitting, walking, bending, the fact we do not sit properly but launch around flattening buttocks where the most “juicy” and projected they are, sedentary life, sitting for hours without awareness of damages caused to buttocks and shape distortion caused  to rears,  represent dramatic changes that are not so much related to age but to deficient cares.

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