What you haven’t heard about the evolution of tensor threads

August 31, 2018

Hi-tech Fibers for Volumizing and Rejuvenating the Entire Body

Let’s talk about “Korean threads”, widely used in aesthetic medicine also known as Russian threads, magic threads or tension threads. There is a very convincing discourse in the media that tries to sell us the idea that with these threads we can avoid facial surgery since a couple of them would achieve a suspension of the flaccid tissues and an immediate rejuvenation, but nobody explains to us the true scope of this extraordinary proposal nor the photographs that we see seem to convince us completely.

One way or another, talking about threads brings to mind that vintage image of the grandmother’s sewing box, and without being experts in aesthetic medicine, we can’t help but think about the weaknesses of conventional sewing thread and how easily it can be broken at the slightest stretch. It is an analogy that makes us skeptical because we do not see a consistent background to this advertising discourse and we do not take it as seriously as the case might deserve.

So far, the above refers to facial procedures, but when talking about flaccidity in such important areas as the arms, cleavage, saddlebags, inner thighs, back, knees, abdomen, glutes, especially after extensive liposuction, the so-called yo-yo effect after unstable diets, bariatric surgery (gastric sleeve), natural aging, etc., there is a quite noticeable silence and if anything, an isolated mention that does not lead us to any conclusion.

Beyond the fact that these threads could tighten the skin, causing a certain lifting effect and also depending on the skills of the specialist who places them, never 2 or 3 threads can have a great result; instead a thick netting of threads is required to form a mesh that truly achieves the suspension effect and redensification of the inner tissues, promoting the production of fibroblasts, collagen and elastin and therefore the strengthening of the connective tissue.

If we had not known enough about this procedure before, to the point that 30 years later we are still talking about Russian threads as if they were something new, which at the time turned out to be a resounding failure, today not even a vague idea of the technological advances that are taking place behind our backs comes to us. Nowadays, there are remarkable achievements in the technology of synthesizing bioactive and biostimulating fibers that, when literally injected into the integumentary system, overturn everything we have known up to now.

In our experience, these technological breakthroughs have greater functionality when used in conjunction with biocompatible tissue fillers that provide the necessary cushioning so that both technologies together produce a leveraging effect greater than the simple sum of the parts; we therefore achieve a powerful synergy that allows us to volumize, fill, suspend, tighten, repair thin poor tissues which have been traumatized by surgeries, address flaccidity, aging and loss of body mass. The tissues acquire renewed density, freshness, smoothness and youth; we are not confining our activities only to face procedures but we are bringing valuable benefits to the whole body.

There are new heavy-weight players in the field of hi-tech fibers:

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