Two Safe Options for Buttocks Augmentation

April 30, 2017

A common approach for the enhancement of the derriere is based on autologous fat transfer, widely known these days as Brazilian Butt Lift.

The term Brazilian Butt Lift is clearly misleading; the adjective Brazilian, subliminally suggests the type of large derrieres people from Brazil call bumbums which are impossible to obtain through autologous fat transplantation. On the other hand, the word lift addresses droopiness which could supposedly be corrected by fat grafting, again not a feasible possibility by using fat cells.

We do not intend discussing in this mainly informative text, the characteristics of adipose tissues, but rather offer an overview on the way some procedures are being handled these days, both in terms of publicity and the management of procedures themselves.

At our practice in Colombia we trust only those procedures we have for long experienced and developed ourselves through long research, studies and practice, ending in professional skills. Despite comments, other doctor’s opinions and commercial interests around, we have dedicated thoroughly to the gluteus various approaches, knowing pros and cons involved in the different procedures.

One of the techniques we successfully apply is Bioplasty by PMMA which uses tissue expanders containing legitimate Polymethylmethacrylate (PMMA) microspheres. This kind of tissue dermal fillers have been granted approval by the FDA under the brand Artefill, for use in face being buttocks would require much larger amounts making it cost prohibitive.

New substances have been developed ever since Dr. Nacul in Brazil invented New Plastic in the ‘90s, his famous original compound. Advanced technology in conjunction with sculpting needs and patient’s feedback evolved into a third-generation bio-compatible, non-migrating substance that fully meets needed final goals.

Bioplasty has gained its reputation throughout many years of research, practice, improvements and depuration of the techniques. The reputation of Bioplasty through legitimate PMMA is indisputable, no matter how clandestine operators may have tried disguising silicone as if actual PMMA.

Poly-lactic suspension cones threads, under a two-step approach & Fat Transfer.

This alternative technique, especially for those patients who do not wish having foreign substances put into their bodies, that also is aimed to embellish and improve buttocks appearance, is based on a two-step procedure which is done within three months difference between one another.

First session is meant to place subdermal polylactic acid cones suspension threads. These especially designed inner devices will release highly benevolent substances that are necessary to produce most favorable environment for anchoring cones firmly inside. Three months later, tissues may be gathered together, lifting and consolidating them at buttocks middle portion.

Cohesion of inner tissues make a fabulous difference when performing fat transfer, being there is a substantial difference between injecting fat into agglutinated tissues, than on loose tissues where fat is bound to spread all over.

Particularly on slim ladies where fat is scarce to begin with, best efforts to make good use of restricted amount of adipose tissues removed must be optimized. Logical previous measurements are very important aspects of the procedure as a whole. The wise combination of polylactic acid cones suspension threads and fat transfer, make a unique option for many slim ladies who search for buttocks enhancement.

Anchoring suspension polylactic cones threads will require three months to boost fibroblasts where inner fixation is needed. Fibrous inner tissues promote a strong inner bite allowing proper suspension and cohesiveness of tissues. This manoeuvring prepares buttocks for excellence across second phase where all conditions will be given to perform lifting, being there will be sufficient inner grab as to consolidate the task.

Unlike the use of surgical sutures, expected to ‘lift’ at first attempt, leaving irregular surface, dimples and no visible results, poly-lactic acid suspension cones threads, are especially designed for this purpose. Our two step process guarantees cohesion, proper anchoring of suspension polylactic devices and augmentation with patient’s own donated fat, if at all needed and desired by patient.

Same two-step approach for face lifting is used for outstanding final results. Redundant skin there might be left over at specific points, is eliminated through small incisions which are very easy to recover from, nothing aggressive to deal with, easy going superficial healing.

Face SMAS will be lifted during second phase of the treatment, once poly-lactic cones threads have anchored firmly to SMAS.  The SMAS is a superficial muscular aponeurotic system consisting of a layer of tissue deep within the skin and subcutaneous tissue.  Face rejuvenation always must take into consideration smas and skin lifting for relevant final results, moreover, these should be very natural,avoiding evidence of surgery stigmas.

Aesthetic Corrections Without Surgery Hassle

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