The wrong way to sit flattens the butt

December 12, 2018

The current sedentary life, the endless hours sitting in front of a computer, leads to the gluteal tissues compacting producing a flattening of the area; it is not a theoretical approach, it is a reality.

So much time with inactive buttocks takes its toll.

In our medical practice we face people on daily basis who claim their gluteal area has been greatly diminished in recent years in terms of volume and firmness.

The continuous pressure on a part of the body, with time modifies the geometry of it, therefore the frequent pressure on the buttocks tends to cause less blood circulation throughout the lower train also producing pain and inflammation in the lower extremities favoring swelling of ankles and the appearance of varicose veins.

Furthermore, extremely weak and hollow buttock tissues that become compressed and compacted due to the wrong sitting technique, develop such thinning level that converges into muscular dystrophy causing people to suffer the feeling of sitting over their ischia (pelvic bones) thus desperately needing inner cushioning.

Also distributing buttocks volume to reach hips as well , will also help achieving balance and coating of lateral ischium bones. Having the whole amount of buttocks volume put at the back only is alike having a backpack on top of the glutes likely to cause back pain and unbalance.

The sedentary life is negative for the cardiovascular health and also produces overweight problems, which also affects the appearance of the buttocks, making them extremely flaccid with a tendency to fall.

It is known that the musculature must receive stimuli from the nervous system to make it work since muscles that are not used tend to atrophy and the cells of both muscles and surrounding tissues enter into what is called “apoptosis” which is the gradual deterioration of the area.

But the process of muscular wear does not end here, because the muscles contain myofibrils that are proteins that wear out and must be continuously synthesized whenever there is the adequate stimulus.

When muscles are not used, those proteins are degraded and are not synthesized anymore; proteins synthesis that contributes forming muscles is lost. In this case, we would talk about the muscle group formed by the gluteus major, middle and minor, being the first one the most important because it is the main driver when it comes to move, says Dr. Ferreira M.D. cosmetic surgeon director of our center.

What can be done to remedy muscle loss in the buttocks?

Of course exercise helps but when a significant volume and surrounding tissues have been lost, it is highly recommended to encourage the repositioning and replacement of tissues that have been compacted by bad behavioural posture habits. In this respect legitimate Bioplasty which uses the appropriate biocompatible and bioactive substances, provides the cushioning, firmness and lost volume in quasi-permanent terms.

At the same time it is important to emphasize that exceeding buttock volume can be extremely harmful to the muscles and tissues that surround them as they favor droopiness due gravity force; people should be moderate and think about the future and not in a short term perspective.

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