The Importance Of Hips For Our Figure

December 25, 2018

The trend to increase the volume of the gluteal region began decades ago and has basically focused on projecting buttocks backwards without taking into account their lateral counterpart represented by the hips.

The great load deposited in the posterior area has led to different pathologies such as lumbago and sciatica, in addition to the bone and muscle wear that this excessive volume causes, particularly because outsiders to the medical field have sold indiscriminately large quantities of illegal substances such as silicone thus favoring the wrong paradigm that volume is equal to beauty.

Hips are important not only from a functional point of view, but because they bring beauty and contour to the figure, since a silhouette projected only backwards shows lack of harmony and balance; to put it in a hilarious way, such a figure resembles an animal with a long tail.

Our specialist bureau is very concerned that just as silicone dealers succeeded in establishing this trend of exaggerated buttocks, people now try to balance their figures with oversized hips which is also highly negative for bone and muscle structure.

We recommend prudence, moderation and thinking that people will not be young forever and these excessive weights in buttocks and hips will represent big problems from age 50 onwards when decay begins such as varicose veins, joint pain, feet malformation, not to mention that the force of gravity favors the descent and flaccidity of all those tissues that have been overloaded for years by an inert substance that never integrates into the body causing innumerable side effects.

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