The Dilemmas when opting for Gluteal Enhancement

December 26, 2017

“I want to do my buttocks but if they don’t look like the Kardashiand I’d rather do nothing.”

“I want to go to Colombia where there are experts in butt bioplasty but here in my country there is a “lady” who does the procedure for a fraction of the cost”

“I like how “ladies” work because they sell me the product by the cc and I can buy the amount I want”

“I do not worry about knowing what kind of product the “lady” injects into me, my only concern is getting big”

A false dilemma is to wonder whether or not having our buttocks done based on wrong information and lack of understanding about Gluteal Bioplasty vs silicone shots.

Not by running after celebrities’ looks one reaches the ideal image; it’s our objective analysis faced to the mirror which does.

We call it a false dilemma because people wander between two non comparable extremes, i.e. Should I have the procedure performed under proper terms or going underground?

The answer is pretty obvious, there is no dilemma.

What is it what people “know” and “don’t know” at the same time about Glutes Enhancement which generates so much confusion?

What they know is:

  • They know there is an illegal underground world out there where they can go to see a “lady” who is not a doctor but does the job, perhaps in a hotel or her place.
  • They know there is a dangerous substance going around called liquid silicone that can cause big problems.
  • They know they can purchase from the “lady” the amount of filling substance they wish even though some people have died due to excessive injections.
  • They know that the speech of someone who works outside the law may not be reliable however, the fact people can buy any amount of filling substance to achieve extravagant results despite health considerations, is enough for them to go ahead.

Among things people ignore we find:

  • They ignore that in Colombia there is a long tradition medical specialty called Gluteal Bioplasty, originally developed in Brazil yet widely known worldwide.
  • They ignore that Gluteal Bioplasty needs certified skilled and trained doctors in a technique that is not what people have been accustomed to in USA & Canada where only a kind of domestic illegal service is offered.
  • They ignore that Bioplasty requires a suitable sterile environment for carrying out the procedure using legitimate high-quality tissue expander.

There is a myth that in South America with little money you can get any cosmetic surgery you like as if prepared to compensate the adventure of putting our lives at risk for the sake of getting low cost options.

For example, in highly specialized procedures in which South America excels such as gluteal bioplasty there is no place for comparisons with underground low cost services; We all know in our hearts that cheap is expensive.

Way things are, thorough evaluation of all aspects involved is needed more than ever before.

It is not about getting impressed with photos we see in the web, running after celebrities’ looks, but through our own analysis of our personal needs, independently from media’s demands and their proposal of a stereotypical alienated woman.

The importance of having amazing buttocks in terms of firmness, definition, shape and contour in order to shine everywhere is far from the huge volume vision which may even become ridiculing. Furthermore excessive volume affects longevity of procedure due to gravity pull.

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