The cc’s issue when talking about Glutes/Hips volumization

September 23, 2018

It is pertinent to clarify the issue about procedures that are performed based on tissue filler cc’s or number of syringes to be used.

It is a deeply rooted idea that people can judge on their own the amount of cc’s they need according to what other people might have said in forums or social media.

The question is, can a doctor judge beforehand the amount of cc’s that a person can receive in the gluteal tissue without knowing the capacity that person will have at the time of the procedure?, actually he/she can’t.

Can a doctor be a simple cc’s trader based only on the price of the product and totally ignoring the final results of his decision?

There is also a deeply-rooted belief that by talking about few cc’s we can quickly judge if the product is legitimate or not; furthermore, if we talk about exorbitant quantities of product the customer may suspect they are being sold something of very little value in terms of brand and product quality.

On the other hand, people want to hear about lots of cc’s because they immediately associate it with large buttocks volume: the more cc’s the more volume, overlooking how harmful a low quality and probably illegal product may be.

Just the same, people tend to conclude that fewer cc’s mean small buttocks volume even if they may understand that a higher quality branded product may be the case.

This is a dilemma that people cannot overcome because they lack specialized information that our team is unable to discuss thoroughly with people who only think in terms of cc’s and exaggerated volume.

Within our methodology which has been developed throughout many years of experience, we feel fully qualified to contradict in many ways a totem which stands as the absolute truth and has been deceiving people for decades having even spread falsehoods in such a way that people cannot distinguish between reality and untruth.

We can use dermal fillers of different reticulation and viscosity according to the area being treated and this is an information that we find too complex to discuss with a person who is stuck in a sole idea: price and volume.

We cannot forcefully break into internal tissues inflating people only for the sake of selling cc’s and we do not rule out the possibility that the person might have to visit us twice until they have generated internal expansion in the tissues and allow the first dose of PMMA microspheres to be implanted and start doing their work; that is to say to create the favorable conditions to strengthen and replace worn-out tissues and/or repair inner weaknesses and injuries caused by other procedures carried out on buttocks.

Actually, the average person doesn’t really know what permanent vs temporary means when talking about tissue expanders/dermal fillers nor they understand the difference between biocompatible, bioactive and inert substances; but worse of all, it is the lack of interest they show in getting informed about the subject and try to understand it in depth what is most surprising. We are always willing to explain any matter, being that our nature is mainly didactic. Yet the simplistic question “how many cc’s?” always springs up in the first place.

As if the above mentioned were not enough, with so much to understand about this subject, let us now describe the difference between a permanent product and a temporary one, something that potential Bioplasty clients do not fully comprehend.

People are aware of the pernicious damage certain products can inflict and the irreversible healthwise consequences they can have.

A biocompatible tissue filler can be called permanent when it has a duration of at least 5 years but at the same time, its biocompatibility stimulates the fibroblasts to produce new inner tissue growth as a result of the interaction between the organism and PMMA microspheres, being this characteristic what defines legitimate PMMA as a biocompatible, bioactive and permanent product.

This situation is very different from an inert filler which is simply a given amount of substance that lodges into the body, does not interact favorably with the organism but on the contrary it produces many damages. This product is called permanent, ie without expiration date which actually is a myth because it is proven around the world that silicone become calcified inside tissues, it migrates, fragments into pieces and consequently it produces many negative side effects.

This should not be the case because silicone is tagged and recognised as a substance that lasts for a lifetime and yet we see that it obliges people to be constantly stuffing themselves with indiscriminate doses of this harmful product trying to recover the “original volume”.

Today there are technologies that claim to remove silicone/biopolymers but in our opinion this assertion is inaccurate. What they do is breaking down the product into smaller bits then trying to suction them out but some of those bits may end up into the bloodstream causing thromboembolisms and strokes.

After this explanation we aim to conclude this topic as well as adding something that we have said countless times: we are not cc’s traders but we are after a procedure as a whole that must be harmonious, remarkable and successful. Like everything in life this has a price. We cannot put ourselves on the same level of illegitimate operators that use harmful products nor consider them to be our competition because they are not; for this reason, our approach is honest, clear and as informative as possible.

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