Price of Buttocks Bioplasty

September 8, 2019

People who handle the so called Butt Injections clandestine market have an easy task when it comes to setting prices for their deals; Do you want a certain amount of cc’s? Your price is this much.

To hell if the person is thin, fat, with flaccid tissues, with sarcopenia, without adipose tissues or with an excess of them. The idea is to stuff their clients’ buttocks without taking into account the specifics of each person and simply conforming to their desires even if outlandish or life threatening, as if they were selling merchandise by the pound.

In spite of the danger of being injected unknown substances, many people decide to go ahead with this madness.

Moreover, an increasing number of people are asking if it is possible to perform Brazilian Butt Lift (BBL) in combination with Bioplasty in those cases where not enough fat is available.

This is an absurdity and a medical nonsense. Apparently some unethical doctors have spread the idea that it is possible to combine fat transplant (BBL) with tissue fillers when actually these two procedures are totally incompatible.

Let’s explain: Fat cells or adipocytes are very delicate and once liposuctioned and transplanted back into the buttocks, their life expectancy is very low, making the BBL procedure in itself quite ineffective. Therefore, it should be quite obvious that injecting a tissue filler along with fat would further reduce the probability of survival of the fat grafts.

As if that weren’t enough, why should a thin person undergo liposuction when doctors know there isn’t enough fat to donate for buttock augmentation? It is evident that people behind this type of marketing are frustrated to see this huge number of ladies walking out their offices not being able to close a deal with them so they devised a new formula to avoid losing business opportunities.

What are they injecting when fat is no longer a priority in BBL (fat transplant) but rather the stuff that will be mixed with whatever amount of fat is obtained? Surely BBL acts as a good alibi if at all being caught by authorities using these non certified substances.

It has been the illegal butt injections market which has led the general public to ask for prices based on the amount of substance they would like to be injected because this is the way illegal injectors work.

That is to say, patients mainly focus on the amount of cc’s independently of the natural inner space available inside their buttocks.

It’s impossible to reckon the depth of the adipose pad simply from a picture. Bioplasty infiltration reaches as far as gluteus maximus, not beyond it.

Unfortunately photographs are two-dimensional (height and width) rendering of a subject; they reveal nothing about the depth of buttocks and their actual inner capacity, this is to say, the distance from the outer skin inwards. So when we quote a Bioplasty procedure based on photographs, we are prevented from judging the gluteal inner space. It is only when patient is actually undergoing the procedure that specialist can know how much product is necessary to achieve the desired result.

As a conclusion, we hope that our article helped people who want to improve the volume and looks of their backsides becoming aware of the fact that it is not convenient to talk about prices based on the quantity of cc’s injected, since this way they are falling into the language used in the underground and clandestine world of the illegal butt injections.

Bioplasty deals with augmentation, contouring, non-surgical lifting and generally the improvement of the gluteal area using a legitimate duly certified bio-compatible substance and it is what our organization has been doing for over 20 years.

Don’t get confused!

Author: I. Le Marquis MD
Patient coordinator

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