PMMA Microspheres, The Safest Method For Butt Enhancement

March 23, 2020

The procedure called Butt Enhancement through bioplasty needs biocompatible, and very safe injectable substances which will neither harm in any way, nor produce any negative side effects.

PMMA is a legitimate and duly-certified brand we use to perform our procedures, and it stands for all issues pertaining a substance that will not migrate, that will slowly biodegrade in the body, and that will not be rejected nor cause any negative side effects.

Modern technology in the manufacturing of PMMA microspheres is used to guarantee a high standard product by all means.

Medical skills and expertise in the bioplasty sculpting process requires many years of experience in the field in order to meet the most neat artful performances.

The use of a custom-made substance, is our guarantee of the legitimacy of a substance produced to stand apart from potential health risks associated to silicone injections and low-quality, chemically produced substances that do not meet standards, such as underground brands found commonly.

Microspheres of Polymethylmethacrylate (PMMA) have been implanted in the human body for a long time, yet only in recent years we have brought it back into the orthopedic field having literally non-existent negative rates but rather, totally satisfactory results.

The process for producing PMMA microspheres is extremely unique being that it aims to generate perfectly round microspheres, which is very important since only exceptionally smooth spheres surfaces will promote rapid encapsulation by collagen and the patient’s own self-defense mechanisms to isolate a foreign visitor.

It is theorized that microspheres that lack the process where they are brought into exact sizes, i.e. large enough in order to avoid migration and phagocytosis, yet sufficiently small as to pass through infiltration cannulas, will not meet desirable standards, thus translating into a lower quality product.

Substances that are produced under poor manufacturing standards, commonly tempted by financial benefits, will put aside the importance of gathering all aspects required within bioplasty.

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