PMMA Injections & Bodybuilding

January 19, 2017

Ever since people became aware of the dangers involved in silicone oil shots, a stampede began to take place all over the world. No matter what, people were after the so called “butt shots provided they could have a safe substance to enhance and strengthen the inner glutes and tissue fibers.

We all know glutes suffer serious deterioration as time goes by. A sedentary life and poor physical exercising are relevant factors that play an important role in the diminishing volume of the glutes, which is not exactly lipoatrophy as some claim, but rather the need for buttocks enhancement, sculpting & contouring.

Once again, the forever-useful marketing gimmick, i.e. actual and legitimate  polymethylmethacrylate microspheres jumped head-first at the wonderful chance of promoting PMMA as a product that’s especially designed to appeal to bodybuilders  desires of growing large muscles groups, which is no doubt a way of promoting steroids.

It seems that legitimate PMMA microspheres have become the ideal go-to scam to  serve illegal pumpers with silicone oil and illegal steroid injectors.

When talking about PMMA injections for pectorals, biceps, and calves growth in a way that appeals to bodybuilders, we are obviously being offered steroid injections which have plenty of negative health side-effects both in men and women. Nonetheless, we must warn you; bodybuilders that use steroid injections must work muscles hard enough to try and gain higher volumes, which is their ultimate goal.

If you’re just a “regular person” in the sense that you don’t take physical activity or gym work as a professional would, then you might as well forget about building muscles as big a bodybuilder’s no matter how many steroid injections you take.

Although PMMA microspheres have legal FDA approval in the US under the Artefill brand, their cost for glutes enhancement is absolutely prohibited. Any minor face correction with Artefill can cost at least $1000. SO when actual microspheres of PMMA are presented as if they were something else, not only are you being scammed, (even worse) you will see no results in terms of ‘tissue growth’. Also, very important to point out; your reproduction system (both in men and women) is put at a high risk of dysfunctioning, which is a severe side-effect produced by steroid injections (also known as anabolics).

Real PMMA microspheres are meant to strengthen and promote stronger collagen, and elastin inner fiber growth to improve actual overall appearance, restore lost volume, and have an awesome opportunity to start visiting the gym perhaps more regularly.

The underground steroid injections sold as if they were actual PMMA microspheres that are aimed at the bodybuilders niche target market, are not only a scam, but pose a severe health risk, especially if you are not a medically controlled athlete.     

Bioplasty (the professional term of the procedure developed more than 30 years ago in Brazil by Dr. Nacul) originally used a substance branded as “New Plastic”; over the years, however, its original composition evolved within the advances of modern chemistry, producing a third-generation highly-reticulated, non-migrating, and slowly-biodegradable soft tissue filler with no side-effects. Thinking a product that was developed three decades ago would have remained intact within the dynamics of today’s world, and the continuous studies being made on all kind of products, is somewhat naive.

New Plastic brand should by all means be named “Old Plastic”. Within our professional practice, we make a very special emphasis on the fact that legit PMMA injections are not specifically designed for bodybuilders, for big muscle growth such as pectorals, biceps, triceps or calves, but rather for the sculpting and contouring of the face and buttocks enhancement purposes.

People frequently ask where they can get PMMA injections; before you do this, we strongly suggest you research this for yourself and try to discern whether the “PMMA” you are being offered is anything but a reliable option, first and foremost.

The PMMA-based filler that the Bioplasty International Center uses on its patients is custom manufactured by a leading compounding laboratory in Colombia that employs local and imported raw materials complying with the international GMPs (Good Manufacturing Practices) as per the many guidelines, regulations, laws, and other policies enforced by the Colombian government through its health agency, very similar to the FDA in the US.

Inner muscles and tissues treated by a PMMA legitimate substance, act as a highly favorable coating at all anatomical levels where we lack volume and contouring, and are in need of tissue distribution to achieve overall sculpting. Developing an inner elastin and collagen mesh that will help glutes muscles become more robust and stronger, especially when in combination with some regular gym activity is the safe way to go about buttocks enhancement.

It’s not all about cramming silicone oil inside your body, nor about being sold steroids when in reality, you’re not even a bodybuilder. Aiming to move forward to become the best version of yourself  as opposed to just getting exaggerated volume in your buttocks is the only wise approach to being successful in the field of buttocks enhancement.

Restoring and replacing inner tissues and glutes mass-loss by a soft-tissue filler which behaves as your own, is an important step towards the evolution of safe soft-tissue fillers.

Boosting up glutes from inside-outward makes them achieve an immediate, healthier look and a youthful overall appearance where hips are also part of the same context; no empty gaps between the middle buttocks portion and sides, is the way to go about this important part of our body.

Once again, it’s not about aiming towards artificially increasing several sizes in clothing, but rather about achieving balanced sculpting, contouring, and plumpness altogether.

Inner adipose tissues are responsible for building bridges between glutes and hips, as well as sculpting and producing  a variety of effects depending on the implantation strategies involved. These working strategies to simply spot the sculpting job necessary is superior altogether to simply ‘pumping stuff indiscriminately’.

A variety of ‘effects’ that provide actual possibilities to improve the buttocks shape, and re-positioning various damages caused by excessive slenderness, extreme workouts, or living an overall sedentary life are all issues we professionally command.

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