Upper & Lower Body Balance

October 28, 2015

The importance of upper/lower body balance harmony and symmetry

Symmetry is one of nature’s preferred conditions in which beauty expresses itself. We ourselves are symmetrical; we come in pairs mostly. For all intents and purposes, our upper and lower body are approximate mirror images of each other. Our body muscles structure plays a very important role in our upper and lower body symmetry.

A balanced body within harmony and beauty simply works and looks better. Objective human beauty is determined by symmetry of our body structure as if it were naturally bent towards balance. Equally, we must admit, a balanced upper body structure is far more attractive than if lacking either at the top of down below.

The X-look indicates muscle balance; aesthetically speaking, others manage the hour glass imaginary as a way to setting bases to achieving our deep subconscious needs; getting closer to upper/lower balance.

For many years, breast augmentation marked an excessive asymmetry in the balance of women’s upper volumes used, putting our lower body at real unfair contrasts, which was totally aesthetically counterproductive.

The battle our lower body strives to get some development is totally unfair and no matter what, buttocks will always look deficient and somewhat poorly developed when only relying on physical workouts. It’s not only about reaching upper/lower body balance, but additionally, the accent is strongly placed on nothing but buttocks perfection, nothing but the best.

Buttocks need to meet the standards demanded nowadays, i.e. total relevance, buttocks restoring diminished in volume throughout time due to sedentary life are so prone to affect important factors needed to have outstanding buttocks: firm, yet soft and natural.

Ever since women became fond of having an attractive healthy figure, many became very much engaged in muscle development, weightlifting, etc. in an attempt to have a real enhancement and overall contouring of their bodies; during this process they become shocked realizing they have to work out harder than ever, being that their buttocks adipose tissues totally burnt out at the gym, leaving glutes with a diminished volume, slightly squarish, and overly muscular.

All of the fleshy, bouncing and jiggling (which are typical signs that attract attention towards the buttocks), diminish a lot with workout, leaving gluteus muscles revealing their real anatomical shape, lacking adipose tissues to cover up muscular shape and edges.

Same thing happens to breasts when implants have only thin tissues to cover them. Implants evidence becomes so obvious and quite unreal. It’s important to know one of the most important components in both breast and buttocks is adipose tissues, i.e. fat, your own fatty adipose tissues to cushion and cover either pectoral or gluteus muscles being fatty tissues are responsible for the natural element needed to avoid a “fake” appearance.

Whilst we are accustomed to detecting breast implants in skinny women, not thinking much about it but rather taking it as the most natural thing in the world, we all know, lack of fatty tissues really add an adverse factor, which although we may have kind of accepted as something ‘‘normal’ in breast implants, same situation could never be acceptable for buttocks, where nothing but perfection seems to be the last word.

It seems like there’s another contradiction going around; that given the buttocks area has being underrated for decades, they suddenly would settle for absolutely nothing but relevance.

Without a shadow of a doubt, well-developed glutes have drawn so much attention to the point of becoming THE beauty icon’s most important asset in recent decades. There’s no excuse for women to accept a deficient body symmetry, shape and dimensions altogether.

PMMA buttock injections are a great alternative to those searching to balance out of their lower body in terms of restoring inner tissues deterioration which diminishes our natural buttocks volume. It’s not about exceeding our natural body structure, aiming to mimic the porn-star stereotype you see everywhere, or the photoshop craze that makes you dream beyond actual facts and feasible reality.

While there’s other buttocks augmentation techniques such as Brazilian Butt Lift and buttocks implants (which are both surgical procedures) bioplasty by PMMA microspheres is a minimally invasive procedure performed at a duly certified doctor’s office using only local numbing, putting our health under no adverse side effects.

For a substance to be recognized by the body as if its own, it needs to be a biocompatible compound as opposed to insert substances such as silicone oil, which deposits into inner tissues by remaining there in a calcified form. Thus, causing shape distortion, sagginess and some serious health side effects, whereas a biocompatible substance behaves in an entirely different way.

PMMA microspheres act triggering connective tissue growth formation around them, i.e. stimulating collagen and elastin production as a benign self-defense mechanism against foreign visitors. Stronger chains of collagen and neovascularization will develop resistant inner tissues which will contribute along with gym work to form a graceful, final buttocks shape.

Being that PMMA microspheres are suspended in a benign long-lasting gel that slowly biodegrades, the increase of volume is immediate. Also, PMMA microspheres are well protected until encapsulation.

The success of the Bioplasty International Center is based on two main factors which are our workhorses: on one hand, the expertise and skills of our specialists, and on the other, the PMMA compound we use, which is manufactured by a leading compounding laboratory that employs local and imported raw materials, complying with all the international GMPs (Good Manufacturing Practices) under high technological standards.

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