Two Safe Options for Buttocks Augmentation

A common approach for the enhancement of the derriere is based on autologous fat transfer, widely known these days as Brazilian Butt Lift. Regarding fat injections that are advertised with these suggestive 3 words, in the following link you will find an overview about  this procedure: Brazilian Butt Lift. The technique we successfully apply in our practice is Bioplasty by PMMA aka Brazilian Butt Lift Without Surgery which uses a […]

June 25, 2020

Buttocks Bioplasty: How does it work?

What is volume made of if not contour, projection and definition? It is our aim to clarify misunderstandings, doubts and dissipate those unfounded fears that exist about this dermal filler, all of them having arisen from the disinformation due to publications and videos that try to demonize and discredit the use of PMMA in Aesthetic Medicine describing it as a dangerous product trying to make comparisons that border on the […]

June 24, 2020

Non-Surgical Butt Lift For Firm And Well Positioned Glutes

It is common for people coming to our practice to have buttocks that appear to be the typical type of a thin person, that is to say, with no greater relevance in terms of volume; at first sight the approach for these cases would be a conventional Bioplasty; A deeper evaluation though may reveal a certain degree of flaccidity and sagginess that cannot be corrected only through infiltration of tissue filler […]

June 23, 2020

Bioplasty (Non-Surgical BBL)

Safe solutions to increase your glutes with a natural look Buttocks Augmentation with PMMA microspheres (Gluteal Bioplasty aka Non-Surgical BBL) is all about the enhancement and reshaping of the glutes which in many cases suffer mass loss due to aging, dieting, lack of exercise, etc. Gluteal Bioplasty involves a minimally invasive technique that consists of injecting controlled quantities of a highly reticulated, third-generation biocompatible injectable tissue filler; the technique was […]

June 22, 2020

Linnea Safe: A Safe Dermal Filler

The first injectable implant containing polymethylmethacrylate (PMMA) microspheres was developed in Germany more than 20 years ago. Continuous studies and improvements have resulted in the third and current generation with Linnea Safe brand being one of the most prominent. The first generation initiated in Germany in the 90s proved to be effective, although it caused some adverse reactions. Most of these reactions were caused by nodules in the injection sites, […]

June 21, 2020

Avoid Damaging Your Pelvic Floor With Killing Glutes Workout

As women become obsessed with developing their glutes, they started to experience considerable pelvic floor weakness. Caution is needed when starting sports routines or activities in the gym as it is not common to evaluate clients through a specialized medical exam but a simple superficial assessment made by a fitness trainer is enough for signing them in. Things start with a series of pre-established exercises that are usually standard for […]

June 13, 2020

Aesthetic Corrections Without Surgery Hassle

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