Multifactorial Minimally Invasive Trending Facials

October 8, 2018

The minimally invasive facials are trendy, especially designed for people in their best years and in search of perfection of their features, without contemplating surgery.

There are multiple small corrections that radically influence the embellishment of the face.

Double chin fat and flaccidity correction (lifting effect)

Lower face & jaw line definition for a sharp angulous look

Biocompatible hi-tech tensor fibers placement for repositioning slightly flaccid skin

Semi-permanent tissue fillers for demarcation of cheekbones and lips


Eyebrows and upper eyelids lifting through hi-tech bio-compatible tensor fibers that enrich the tissues with collagen and other substances inherent to youth

Platelet-rich plasma (PRP), a true beauty elixir for the face, décolletage and hands

Hi-tech cavern screw fibers

For heavy looking faces due to non-biocompatible filler injections into the nasolabial folds, corners of the mouth and marionette lines done throughout many years causing flaccidity sequelae and overloaded appearance, the novelty consists of the latest creation of high-tech tissue filler fibers called “cavern screw” that perform an impeccable filling rather than continuing to inject filling substances into heavy areas.

These high-tech fibers interact favorably with the body, stimulating collagen, fibrin and fibroblasts with a much longer duration than that offered by injected products.

This so-called heavy face syndrome often leads people to feel that their only solution to the problem is rhytidectomy (surgical lifting), which is an anachronistic idea, i.e. old-fashioned since the solution lies in stopping injecting tissue fillers into the face and using instead high-tech biocompatible tensor fibers that not only provide lifting effect but are also fundamental in filling vulnerable areas.

Aesthetic Corrections Without Surgery Hassle

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