Buttocks by PMMA in USA?

February 16, 2017

The thing is, PMMA microspheres have indeed been approved by the FDA in the US under the Artefill brand. However, are you really prepared to shell out $100,000 for having it injected on your buttocks?

Artefill is not really the type of filler that’s needed for Buttocks Enhancement being that it’s very thin and watery and more oriented to face corrections, thus not complying with the goal of glutes embellishment. Doctors performing these procedure on those celebrities we all know and admire require multiple sessions and never-ending payments, not a problem for the rich and famous really!

Whilst prices for Buttocks Enhancement in the US using Artefill remain an exclusive option for the wealthy, clandestine and underground alternative procedures flourish. The infamous “butt shots” have taken hold of the scenarios; there isn’t anything worse than dealing with unknown chemicals under those terms, especially when we all have heard (one way or the other ) of the dangers and damages caused to people by these substances.

When it gets to the point where you’re actually purchasing under the counter thus entering into the black market, not only you are jeopardizing your life and safety, you’re equally not getting the guaranteed products that will help you achieving your final aesthetic goals either.

New substances have been developed ever since Brazilian Dr. Nacul’s original New Plastic brand from emerged several decades ago. Migration of the New Plastic compound in those days, needed being overcome therefore advanced technology working together in conjunction with specialists’ needs, patient’s feedback and instructions to address the weaknesses of the original substance, produced a third-generation biocompatible, non-migrating substance that fulfilled doctor’s needs. It’s safe, viscous enough as to favor sculpting, while at the same time being a long-lasting soft tissue expander. (Beware of the fact that clandestine silicone oil injections run rampant in South America.)

Bioplasty has gained its reputation throughout many years of research, practice, improvements, depuration of techniques, and feedback from patients. We must have been able to perform on hundreds of cases in order to know what we’re doing.

Despite the predicaments generated by the unscrupulous opportunism around this popular Latin American aesthetic procedure, in addition to all the efforts put into penalizing excesses of all kinds, Bioplasty reputation, under correct performance remains intact.

It’s a fact that volume and strength of inner fatty tissues and gluteal muscles diminish, not only by ageing, but also because of extreme slenderness, yo-yo dieting, and other metabolism disorders.

Bioplasty addresses this problem using genuine PMMA which is a non-migrating and biocompatible soft tissue expander with no side effects, offering the best version of yourself in terms of beauty.

The possibility of having bioplasty procedures being done under legal terms in the US, with appropriate medical protocols as well as being performed by professionally licensed and skilled doctors in the field, will be a reality when economic interests meet FDA’s policies.

Until then, a new dimension within this important aesthetic, next-generation medical tool will be denied to doctors in the US, hence continuing to benefit the clandestine illegal injectors, who are the ones taking the most advantage out of this weird situation.

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