The Jiggling, The Hard as a Rock and the Jelly Factors in the Glutes Paradox

January 16, 2017

There’s three main factors to watch and be aware of about the derriere:

  1. The Jelly factor in glutes is a very common one, not related to obesity as such but to lack of firmness. Every person living a kind of sedentary life, where working out is not a priority, is bound to have inner gluteus muscles deterioration which in combination with some localized fatty adipose tissues, will see their buttocks turn into a shapeless “jelly mass”, with flaccid rears.

    This type of derriere mainly needs firming up; provided flaccidity does not exceed certain parameters, too much of it will demand stepping beyond medical protocols for this type of procedure.
  1. The Hard as a Rock factor refers to extreme workouts, whereby becoming nearly a professional bodybuilder, one faces up a shocking reality, i.e. our inner fatty tissue layers burn away, losing soft tissues needed to have soft glamorous buttocks. Leaving instead, gluteus muscles practically only covered by skin. They are dry, stiff, and bodybuilder-looking type of appearance, lack adipose tissues, and edges reflect the human skeleton’s structure, not very glamorous, but rather excessively muscular.

    This category requires adding the fatty factor needed to balance out their natural hard nature, filling bony edges and generally adding much more cushioning for a rounder, bouncing and softer overall look.
  1. The Jiggling Factor is the perfect balance between inner muscles strength and fatty layers over them, where top firmness, and fleshy, natural appearance with inner soft padding make the most superb glutes ever, reuniting missing factors needed for perfect harmony.

    Microspheres of PMMA work from inside-outward in safe non-side effects driven terms.Implantation of microspheres of PMMA is done using a dual purpose substance. Microspheres are transported by a biocompatible benign vehicle that will cushion microspheres along for them to ‘blossom’ into connective tissue growth.The procedure replaces soft, natural inner padding which deteriorates throughout life. Poor gluteus muscles benefit out of collagen and elastin chains of stronger inner fibers generated by the implantation of microspheres of PMMA which reinforces/strengthens them.Inner restoring of muscles and fatty tissues through PMMA microspheres, recovers the optimization of inner and outer glutes, being the ultimate, most viable solution for enhancement and embellishment of the butt area.

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