How to Get Perfect Glutes

October 18, 2017

We all love to have a perfect body, and there are some of us who will go the extra mile in order to get that ideal look. Within the evolving beauty paradigm, lot of attention is been drawn to the derriere nowadays.

In order to have fuller, well-shaped and balanced glutes, people in North America and Europe have just three options: Brazilian Butt Lift, Buttocks Implants or clandestine and dangerous silicone shots.

Brazilian Butt Lift surgery requires patient to have enough fat to have it suctioned out and transplanted into buttocks; the immediate enlargement effect in their look is mainly due to the swelling left by the surgery but after a few months, most of the transplanted fat is reabsorbed by the body and usually the whole process ends in frustration.

Buttock implants on the other hand, besides being a painful surgery, cause a lot of complications: unlike breast, buttocks are subject to continuous pressure and compression which put lot of stress on the implants causing deformities, asymmetries and displacement. Definitely, it is a complex surgery that even in those cases when surgery goes right, aesthetic results are poor. Implants are very evident and extremely hard to the touch.

Fortunately in South America  there is a better option: Bioplasty.

It is a minimally-invasive way to get that dream appearance and that is precisely why Bioplasty has gained such a great popularity over the last decade.

Bioplasty uses a latest generation soft tissue expander made out of tiny PMMA microspheres suspended in a gel of carboxymethylcellulose that provides a biocompatible vehicle for the microspheres to reach the anatomical planes where they will start to grow new connective tissue while the vehicle will slowly biodegrade having fulfilled its purpose.

Bioplasty is a wonderful technique for those women with no saggy or flaccid buttocks but now, thanks to a new “Two-step modified Bioplasty Technique”, even glutes with small to moderate sagginess can benefit from this procedure.

A two-step modified Bioplasty session consists of two minimally invasive steps or phases.

During the first step a certain number of Elastic Tensor Threads are inserted into glutes. Elastic lifting of the buttocks is achieved by raising and compacting the subcutaneous tissues by means of the elastic threads; threads are impalpable and become integrated into the tissues.

Elastic lifting is indicated to correct the drooping and loss of shape of the buttocks; within a few weeks the elastic threads will be transformed into natural ligaments.

The elasticity of the threads, their size and the fact they are transformed into natural ligaments, will prevent them from cutting into the tissues.

Immediately after the first step, the specialist executes the second phase instilling PMMA gel into the right anatomical planes inside the glutes.

The immediate aesthetic results are very satisfactory, with superb firming up and precise shape improvement; over time, new tissue is grown around PMMA microspheres while carboxymethylcellulose vehicle slowly biodegrades.

For people that are more ambitious, a second conventional Bioplasty session will boost up even more the accomplishments of the first one. We recommend waiting at least 6 months before undergoing a second session.

Some people consider that having to travel to Colombia could be a hassle and a tough blow to their wallets; but this does not need to be the case, Colombia is located north of South America hence not that far away from North America.

Just for having an idea, the distance from Miami to Seattle is about 2,800 miles, when measured in a straight line, while the distance from Miami to Colombia is only roughly 1,500 miles!

And regarding travel costs, provided trip is organized well in advance, patients can make it for incredibly low prices. There are quite a few airlines that fly to Colombia which are cheaper than what you may think, so actually, travel cost should not be a big issue.


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