Hips or Saddlebags? What does it really mean for a woman to have a mermaid look?

August 27, 2018

Thighs are areas of the body suitable for liposuction because of their tendency to accumulate undesirable fat, even having being named as saddlebags.

Nowadays, we are astonished and even horrified by the determination and insistence of media to impose a beauty paradigm that consists in establishing the equivalence between prominent thighs (saddlebags) and curvaceous hips as if one same thing, which is an outburst that distorts the female figure, since the thighs are below the gluteus-hip context and therefore the overly bulky thighs obliterate the so much coveted hourglass or inverted heart figure, leaving buttocks and hips in a frankly handicapped condition.

These bulky thighs pretend to appear as if they were hips; that is to say, at the whim of a wrong proposal, the fictitious hip is moved much lower down, shortening at the same time the legs and making the trunk appear too long in relation to the lower part of the body.

It is important to understand that people are being sold a wrong and ugly idea that has no correlation with the body’s harmony. For example, it should be obvious to anyone how grotesque a thin person with two bumps or humps on either side of the body looks like, especially when those bulges are located at a lower level than the buttocks-hips area.

Let’s be logical about it: glutes and hips are inextricably linked and part of the same context that begins at the iliac crest. The bilateral hip expansion procedure is carried out taking advantage of an empty space between the buttocks and the iliac crest that provides us with the possibility of widening the buttocks to the sides creating contour and curvature of the hips without generating visible gaps and separation between one another.

This does not prevent us from extending the filling towards the upper thighs with art and anatomical criteria especially in those patients with very thin thighs, avoiding abrupt ending lines that do not blend seamlessly with the upper part of the thighs.

We recommend avoiding considering buttock boosting as a separate hip procedure and vice versa: both areas must always go together despite one or the other should be more emphasized as per patient’s request or as per medical protocols that prevent us from exceeding instillation for patient’s safety; It´s a matter of getting to distribute properly the tissue filler between the areas we want to stand out the most.

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