Face Rejuvenation With No Surgery

April 12, 2020

In the field of facial rejuvenation it is necessary to differentiate between the contribution made by plain PDO threads to restore skin vitality and the Advanced Anchoring Fibers that have a strong grip into inner tissues to elevate them and correcting overall face sagginess: forehead, cheeks, jowls, under chin and neck being this procedure a true rehabilitation mechanism for faces that have undergone excessive Botox and filler injections.

Nowadays, the trend is to avoid, as far as possible, facial surgical operations due to their subsequent sequelae and stigmas. With these high strength anchoring fibers, it is perfectly possible to uplift all those areas mainly affected by aging as well as excess of injections of any kind.

We do not disdain the contribution that plain PDO threads could make to the tissues of the face, stimulating fibroblasts to produce collagen and elastin, fundamental elements for skin elasticity and vitality. However, given our extensive experience in this matter we dare to affirm that common PDO threads can never overcome barriers and sequelae dictated by age and Botox/fillers overdoing; therefore, saying that they also have a lifting effect is not quite exact. At International Surgery we are dedicated solely to non-surgical face lifts using High Strength Anchoring Fibers.

There is no possible meshing that can hold dropped saggy tissues as in the proposal of those who use common PDO threads. Tissue redensification by means of a meshing made of plain PDO threads can be considered a pre-lifting stage, although not strictly necessary. It is about making the internal planes of the face thicker, with emphasis on the SMAS (Superficial Muscular Aponeurotic System) so that they can later be pulled and lifted producing the lifting effect.

In cases where the patient shows clear signs of weakness in face tissues, i.e. fleshy and descended, we usually perform combinations between the high strength anchoring fibers and the plain PDO threads so that they synergize with each other.

It is important to stress the fact that these facial support fibers are so strong that they achieve the intended goal that is lifting the tissues of the face in contrast to the common PDO threads that only provide vitality to the skin. It is worth adding that in weakened, poor and descended tissues, seeking to provide vitality as a top priority would be as if a cosmetic surgeon applied complementary therapies such as ultrasound, PRP or Thermage in areas where a direct approach is required.

For example, cases we describe as the “heavy face syndrome” due to the excess of Botox injections and dermal fillers, people are unaware that they are dooming their faces to flaccidity and speeding up the need for a face surgery (rhytidectomy).

In our professional practice, we have noticed that people show a definite addiction to Botox injections which paralyze the muscles of the forehead and other facial areas causing face to lose its expression; gesturing muscles become loose, contributing to tissue drop resulting in the so-called “frozen face effect” which frankly is not synonymous with beauty, naturalness or youth.

Until a few years ago, Botox was only used on the forehead but marketing has led it to be confused with dermal fillers and many people who are not well informed about the mechanism of action of botulinum toxin, take it as filler substances and so we find that today this product is applied liberally on nasolabial fold, neck, hands,nose, even on the eyelids. As already mentioned, these excessive applications of Botox lead to great flaccidity since the areas where there are muscles are atrophied and therefore no longer able to provide effective support to the underlying tissues.

These are all double-edged weapons that lead people directly to face surgeries. The ideal solution for them is undergoing non-surgical face lift with high strength anchoring fibers thus allowing the face to regain its natural appearance.

There were days where cosmetic surgery was the only means people could turn to for their cosmetic corrections. We all know how the story carries on.

As cosmetic surgeons were confronted with the several issues arisen after surgery, they began referring post-op patients to aesthetic medical specialists in the hope they could alleviate the traumatic effects and stigmas left by surgery, a source of stress for both cosmetic surgeons and patients too troublesome to cope with.

This way having post-op patients off-premises “you are now under post-operative cares”, became an elegant way to get rid of complaints, tears and negative comments in front of new potential patients.

Aesthetic medicine doctors were urged to find solutions to be offered to people seeking real practical answers, especially those who were seriously affected from scars, traumatisms, burns and other after surgery complications. Also, many sophisticated technological medical devices that don’t live up to the hype, produce more damages than benefits, leaving to aesthetic medical doctors the burden of trying and solve those negative issues.

Aesthetic medicine doctors began taking over their shoulders a heavy task that demanded studies and research, far outreaching the work of common aestheticians and massage therapists in charge of minor post-op treatments.

This is how Aesthetic Medicine became leader in the field of minimally invasive procedures fully complying with patients’ needs. Cosmetic Surgery continues to be a valuable option in some selected cases where scalpel is the only solution, there is no doubt about it; however patients’ impulsiveness and credulous attitudes have definitely slowed down. The urgency for instantaneous results often leads to unsatisfactory results. What a certain medical discipline can achieve is not the same than being enchanted by siren calls.

Nowadays leading aesthetic medicine specialists fully comprehend beauty trends as well as patients’ aesthetic needs; they overcame lots of challenges and difficulties but the effort paid off, often leaving aside the need of cosmetic surgery

To achieve the most natural and harmonious face and body rejuvenation and beautification, we use variety of “stackable treatments” setting strategies to recover skin elasticity and radiance; our experience taught us that no single agent or technology is sufficient for preventing or reversing aging process but this must be done throughout innovative treatments for face and body always in a personalized design for each individual.

This stackable and synergistic approach is applicable to virtually every part of the body, including face, neck, décolletage, hands, arms, breast, abdomen, inner and outer thighs, knees and derriere. Body is approached as a whole, no longer areas of the body are divorced from others, we put interest and effort in the entire recovery of face and body as part of the same context.

Aesthetic Corrections Without Surgery Hassle

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