Cosmetic Surgery in Bogota – Colombia

January 11, 2019

Board Certified Cosmetic Surgeons

Having cosmetic surgery performed in a country other than one’s own is aimed at reducing the exorbitant costs of surgery that today are paid in the United States and Europe. On the other hand, the current strength of the Dollar and the Euro with respect to the currency of countries like Colombia is highly convenient to make quotes for surgeries very reasonable.

There are important factors that the patient should take into consideration once the possibility of moving to another country for their cosmetic needs has been envisioned.

a) It is important to evaluate and discern with judgement and moderation the type of surgery to be chosen, knowing that excesses and the so-called “combos” could be harmful, making the recovery tortuous and longer, as well as endangering one’s own health.

b) Belonging to the category of “healthy patient” without known risks of surgery or anaesthesia. Age, as long as patient is healthy, is not an excluding condition; however, before undergoing surgery, all the necessary preoperative tests will be carried out.

c) Choose countries with recognized trajectories in the field of cosmetic surgery.

d) Refrain from getting caught up in tourist proposals that offer beach, mountain and nightlife packages.

e) Count on cosmetic surgeons belonging to one or more recognized Latin American or Ibero-American plastic surgery societies.

f) Choose a clinic with emergency resuscitation service which, even though being unlikely to be needed if above criteria are met, it should never be ruled out as surgery itself always entails a certain risk.

g) Persons should understand that coming to South America with a strong currency in their pockets does not mean that prices should be extremely low and irrational. If that happens, this should immediately lead to distrust.

It is well known the case of the so-called “garage clinics”, places of dubious reputation where reckless doctors operate without having the proper qualifications and with medical standards that leave much to be desired, contravening laws and regulations stipulated by the respective health authorities, offering medical services in unfair competition with true specialists; when a patient ignores these dangers and seeks excessively low prices, he/she faces great risks.

h) No doubt a companion is helpful for the post-operated patient, however our center specializes in the logistics for those patients who visit us unaccompanied making the presence of this person unnecessary.

i) We make the best selection of procedures that can be done within a safe surgical time; our doctors are moderate, cautious and very professional.

It is perfectly possible conducting 2 or 3 procedures of minor or medium complexity if the doctor determines that it is safe for the patient. This optimizes patient’s budget and results in great savings of money and time. Procedures suitable to be performed in a single surgical time can be breast augmentation (plain or with small suspension), small to medium liposuction, mini abdominoplasties and fat transfer.

Aesthetic Corrections Without Surgery Hassle

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