Buttocks Enhancement Vs Inflating Buttocks

March 3, 2017

Women have for long being under the weird belief, originally designed buttock shots based on silicone, were a matter of being able to purchase as many cc’s as needed to obtaining the humongous buttocks of their dreams.

They firmly thought inner tissues capacity was never an issue to be contemplated and that inner tissues could expand liberally as per women’s wish and budget. In other words, provided meeting amount of money to purchase needed cc’s to becoming as large as the Kardashian, no restrictions could be put before our dreams.

A good dose of sense of humor is needed to have these odd ideas put into correct context being women are not to be blamed for decades of a long scamming tradition, passed on from mothers to daughters the way cultural matters take place.

Women genuinely and firmly believed famous buttock icons achieved their final looks miraculously as per their vast amount of money allowing them to purchasing as many cc’s as they wished thus stretching their inner tissues far enough as to meeting desired final volume; never sufficient if in need of complying with the JLo standards.

Women have therefore felt neglected, miserable, thinking life is not fair when just a restricted amount of cc’s is all they could afford, not even 1% of what Demi Lovato got! Self esteem sinking deep into mud whilst running parallel to famous divas’s butts which keep increasing volume day by day (as per Photoshop artist in charge).

Nobody would ever stop a minute to think inner tissues expansion take place gradually, it cannot occur based on the amount of money we pay for, nor the size we wish getting. It is not about inflating buttocks as if a matter of a balloon, but rather promoting inner tissues changes, favoring connective tissue formation, collagen and elastin production,which is widely present in young aged.

Inner tissues as well as skin are prevented from expanding freely, taken from zero to humongous sizes, it’s simply impossible.

This situation has developed throughout decades of mental distortion, the easy way out to stepping into a kind of dictatorship designed by business interests. Some of you may have heard how one or several famous beauty showcases we all have admired, are nowadays suffering from immune system deficiencies; lupus for example, caused by the multiple buttock shots they have undergone.

Inner tissues and skin expanders work for mammary inner lack of space exactly the same way buttocks should require when in need of gaining inner capacity.

Therefore when performing buttocks Bioplasty professionally we are aware people are prevented from going around with tissue expanders which require continuous saline solution filling for expanding purposes, thus in our practice a first session serves as a natural tissue expander, which for many people is good enough as to be considered final outcome, whereas others think they might have a second session.

Women focusing on procedures that are literally implanted into their minds by a forever enduring formula based on tradition,Spanish/Afro American culture, Porn industries marketing, Photoshop, along with the scamming underground world, will move women and men into meeting subconscious demands. These people are anchored to a series of needs that claim being satisfied, where silicone has for long played an important role, with tempting promises which are difficult to refuse. Silicone operators have a well designed speech which in terms of cc’s, manage to put things very simple; paying for what you want, they skip medical issues, selling buttocks over the counter as if any other product you get from the store; sexy humongous buttocks as per your wish!

Whilst Buttocks Bioplasty by biocompatible substance is a highly selective procedure, not suitable nor recommended to everyone, silicone dealers instead are very flexible. No matter what, their policies are simple; “Inflating for immediate volume” “The largest the sexier.”

The dark side of buttocks shots does not run through media for obvious reasons, especially when referring to the rich and famous, whilst the unknown, are having serious health side effects, also facing totally unnecessary situations they are not even prepared to afford, not to mention deaths even.

People need to understand correct principles behind buttocks enhancement, they need realizing their favorite famous buttocks models have had multiple series of shots, many of them have made it a yearly touching up routine.

Buttocks inflating lead to bursting, leaking, inner tissues rupture, shape distortion, migration of substance, silicone passing through the bloodstream causing thromboembolism and a wide variety of immune system deficiencies.

Just think about any pressure put on a new toothpaste tube, it will burst if you sit on it ! Not a sophisticated example for you to grasp the idea, which does not take into consideration inner rupture and damages caused by wrong substances used for the procedures.

In the long run, multiple butt sessions are bound to produce heavy droopy final outcomes, gravity force will pull buttocks down, especially when undergoing non biocompatible substances which store underneath fatty tissues in a calcified form alike chalk, rather than gracefully interacting with human body producing changes from the inside outward whilst slowly biodegrading within time.

Famous ladies have their procedures done gradually over the years being they are treated under medical standards, yet some of them have also been close to an end when in the hands of non professional operators.

Inflating effect in face filling is also terribly damaging, the “heavy face syndrome” is caused by non legitimate brands which not even doctors are aware of, being they depend on their suppliers.
All of these fake products are meant to prepare you for a major rhytidectomy (face surgery) to eliminate flaccidity, saggy overall appearance.

Starting too young, seeing non existent lines, being obsessed with beauty is an abuse of tissue fillers.
Cheekbone is another procedure which may appear very simple yet beware some substances you will never be able to search yourself what exactly they are. Renowned doctors will always be difficult to afford in nowadays’ world. Fillers that will slide down your cheeks stopping at your jaws level, are some of the complications, also extreme bulkiness of cheekbones not natural whatsoever but immediately detected.

These procedures are often approached with the “inflating mentality” kept alive in the back of people’s minds seeking for immediate volume. Cheekbones and lips must be approached both producing conservative augmentation, aiming inner boost of collagen and connective tissue formation. It’s about few drops only for immediate enhancement, not aiming bulky cheekbones at first session. It’s about long terms inner changes rather than immediate inflating results. Furthermore, the use of fake substances will produce inflammatory reactions which added to the initial bulkiness produce by the immediate results demands, end up being a real hassle.

There are licensed doctors capable and experienced enough in the use of medical grade silicone micro droplet technique for face permanent corrections.

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