Buttocks Bioplasty: what you ought to know

March 24, 2020

“Butt injections” of Dermal Fillers, medically known as Bioplasty is a procedure intended to increase the buttocks shape, definition and projection where it’s mostly needed.

Having a reliable biocompatible substance injected into our body, requires that we first learn the type of substances being used and the medical credentials of doctor performing the procedure, as well as his experience in the field. Bioplasty has the advantages that other methods lack, such as buttocks implants surgery and fat grafting.

“Butt shots” i.e. Bioplasty, provided it’s performed under strict medical standards, using a trustworthy biocompatible substance that is duly manufactured for medical use only, is a guarantee of outstanding final results in terms of safety and invaluable natural-looking outcome.

Minimally-invasive, no scarring, immediate recovery, and two nights in South America to have it performed is all you need.

In the US, there are a couple of biocompatible FDA approved substances which are not feasible to be used in buttocks augmentation due to its extremely expensive price. Patients may pay more than $100,000 for 120cc’s of the substance in each side, i.e. 240cc’s in total.

Artefill is one of the substances mainly used for facial corrections, similar to Juvederm.

Patients who are searching to undergo Bioplasty (“butt injections”) in the US or Canada, must be aware that once looking into Artefill as a possibility, all there’s left for them within professionalism, is a short trip to South America (some specific countries only though).

The use of unbranded substances which are injected by non-qualified medical staff, under illegal terms without the required skills to do it, nor guarantee on what type of substances will be injected on you, is what we call “entering into the clandestine criminal world”. These people are commonly known as “silicon illegal injectors”.

The reason that South America (some countries only) has turned out to be THE ONLY SAFE OPTION for you to consider when thinking of Bioplasty (“butt shots”), rests on the fact we use a duly certified brand over here, getting prices to be absolutely affordable and realistic.

Additionally, the product has undergone anti-bacteriological tests, assuring 100% sterile dermal filler which fully complies with protocols and standards for both, biocompatibility and cohesiveness to avoid migration.

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