Butt Augmentation Without Surgery

March 24, 2020

Over the last decade, the importance of the derrière within the context of beauty has continued to rise, (even surpassing the universally-coveted breasts) hence the necessity of developing safe techniques in butt augmentation, or rather, “gluteal augmentation” as it’s known in the medical jargon.

Brazilian Butt Lift consists of using the patient’s own fat to inject it in the buttocks area in order to make them more prominent and perky; this is also known as Fat Grafting or Autologous Fat Transfer.

It’s not clear if the procedure was originated in Brazil or not, but it was presented during the 90’s as an alternative to silicone buttocks implants mainly due to their poor aesthetic results and their relatively high failure rate as they are prone to position shifting, hardness, infection due to rejection or simply because buttocks implants generally end up being too noticeable as they are limited to staying underneath gluteus muscles, thus leaving the surrounding areas empty; once the body naturally encapsulates the implants, they tend to become shockingly evident with quite unaesthetic indentations and this is especially true for slim patients, causing too much shame and embarrassment.

So one may think that Brazilian Butt Lift solves the problem; well, it’s not that simple.

First of all, Brazilian Butt Lift (Fat Grafting) is not suitable for slim people because you need to have enough good-quality fat to be extracted, and this means being at least 20–30 lbs above your ideal weight; secondly, it doesn’t mean that those 20-30 lbs in excess will end up in your buttocks; surgery is not mathematics and two plus two is not always four. The efficiency of the fat extracting method (liposuction) is quite low: moreover, the fat that is extracted needs centrifugation to remove blood and free lipids to improve the quality of fat, a quite convoluted and delicate process very prone to contamination if not done properly; in the end, the fat obtained is far from being sufficient for a relevant increase of volume.

The next big challenge is having fatty cells (adipocytes) survive after being transplanted to the receiving site. However, this procedure (we must admit) doesn’t have a  high success rate.

Finally, fat cells suffer a process called resorption, which means that as time goes by (usually less than a year) the injected fat literally disappears.

Over the last 20 years, while realizing that buttock implants and Brazilian Butt Lift suffered the problems explained above, a technique called Bioplasty started to emerge in South America, where it was entirely developed; it totally avoids the use of implants or patient’s fat using specially-designed dermal fillers instead for gluteal augmentation.

Butt augmentation by bioplasty has all the advantages of Brazilian Butt Lift without the drawbacks: PMMA satisfactorily substitutes the need of fat; In a certain sense, bioplasty is Brazilian Butt Lift done with PMMA instead than with fat because the aim of the procedure is the same, but totally avoiding the above mentioned problems. Also, it’s important to mention that bioplasty results are natural and long-lasting.

If you happen to be among the large amount of people who are dissatisfied with the volume and general appearance of your buttocks, and wish to undergo a procedure that avoids surgery altogether, you could be a candidate for buttocks bioplasty.

The procedure must be approached under strict medical standards by a cosmetic surgeon specialist in the field; an extensive practice is a must before claiming expertise and top skills in this butt augmentation technique.

The major aim lies in the contouring, projection and proportional volume between upper and lower body for it to be a relevant enhancement of the buttocks. Butt augmentation by bioplasty is performed using biocompatible substances which must be applied with medical criteria and careful selection of each individual case; if all the necessary precautions are taken, this procedure will not have any adverse side effects.

Bioplasty does not rely on quantity, (i.e. indiscriminate volume of substance) but rather in the art of meeting the desired goals within established, safe medical protocols producing satisfactory final results. Only a skilled cosmetic surgeon with vast experience in butt augmentation, butt lift, contouring and shaping can achieve such goal. Two sessions are the most we recommend to undergo, keeping at least 5 months in between each visit.

Bioplasty is in itself very selective if spectacular final results are ambitioned; in this case, ideal patients for PMMA injections are those having nice figures to begin with. However, people whose figures are not perfect in the first place, can also achieve excellent results combining bioplasty with Smartlipo to shape and contour their torso, making so that they can get the hourglass figure that allows buttocks to stand out.

People around the world are agreeing that bioplasty is a tempting option to consider if their buttocks are to be greatly enhanced: it’s worth the effort to get to our offices in Colombia, only a few hours away from the major North American cities like New York, Los Angeles, Miami, Toronto, Montreal, Chicago, Houston, Washington, San Francisco, etc. The majority of our patients come from the US, Europe and Canada.

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