Bioplasty (Non-Surgical BBL)

April 8, 2020

Safe solutions to increase your glutes with a natural look

Buttocks Augmentation with Bioplasty (Bioplastia in Spanish and Portuguese) is all about the enhancement and reshaping of the glutes which in many cases suffer mass loss due to aging, dieting, lack of exercise, etc.

Bioplasty involves a minimally invasive technique for Buttocks Augmentation that consists of injecting controlled quantities of a highly reticulated, third-generation biocompatible injectable tissue filler; The technique was first introduced in the early 1990s being attributed to Almir Nacul, a Brazilian surgeon who popularized it. Subsequently both the technique and the substances used in Bioplasty were perfected to such an extent that today PMMA-based dermal fillers are used in HIV patients to correct buttock lipodystrophy.

Bioplasty uses a biocompatible, cutting-edge filling substance which has a friendly interaction with the human body that contains microspheres of a special material called PMMA (polymethylmethacrylate).

PMMA has one of the highest degrees of compatibility with the human body being used in a variety of medical applications such as cataract surgery (intraocular lenses are made of PMMA) and orthopedic surgery.

PMMA microspheres used in Bioplasty must be perfectly round and have an average diameter of 40μm, smaller than the width of a human hair yet large enough to escape phagocytosis, hence avoiding being eliminated by the body; in the presence of these PMMA microspheres the body starts producing new collagen.

PMMA microspheres are carried by a gel acting as a vehicle to transport microspheres called Carboxymethylcellulose which is a safe biocompatible substance that is gradually reabsorbed by the body yet being the stimuli needed to produce stronger inner links of connective tissue.

The trend towards wanting to have prominent buttocks has reached such a point that people are unclear about what it means to have firm, well-molded buttocks and hips, only wanting extravagant volumes. They have been influenced by some media that exalt exaggerated celebrities’ figures, often achieved by massive injections of illegal substances.

The product we instill is never used in excessive quantities and It does not produce biomechanical imbalances of the spine or wear of the joints, knees, ankles or feet which tend to occur when there is an excessive weight due to the injection of large amounts of heavy substances such as fluid silicone that over the years usually favor buttocks flaccidity and droopiness in addition to the aforementioned damage to the skeletal system

The experienced specialist will have the right criteria to distribute the PMMA-based tissue expander in a balanced way between the buttocks and hips according to the aesthetic needs of the patient.

It is necessary to say in a responsible way and without intending to hurt susceptibilities, that certain ideas, erroneous in our opinion, have been viralized stating that excessive physical training is the solution to have aesthetically attractive buttocks. Physical exercise certainly strengthens and develops the musculature that supports the soft tissues of glutes, but what actually gives the derriere its beauty is the well-distributed adipose tissue.

The image shown here is an example of a female bodybuilder patient where we can see that due to the intense workout her buttocks had hardened and lost their adipose tissues; we can observe the improvement achieved with Bioplasty.

Similarly, the same scheme applies to other areas of the body for which only a cosmetic surgeon has the necessary expertise since radical transformations based on physical exercise have their limitations.

Buttocks & Hips Augmenting

How Some Doctors are using Medical Terrorism against Bioplasty

It is important to mention that the tissue filler based on polymethylmethacrylate microspheres in a carboxymethylcellulose vehicle (hereinafter simply called PMMA) has been demonized for years bringing it to the same level as clandestine fluid silicone injections which represents an outburst. This work of discrediting and delegitimization that we know as “medical terrorism” has been carried out with the purpose of misinforming and generating an adverse opinion matrix that makes no distinction between a biocompatible product such as PMMA and an inert one such as silicone.

Outdated scientific literature on PMMA has been used where some adverse transitory reactions are evidenced, mainly in the face without taking into account that those studies were done many years ago and currently the substances have evolved and have been greatly perfected with respect to those used in those experiments. (search link old errorist article)

Not satisfied with this unfair attitude towards their own medical colleagues and knowing themselves that they do not have experience with PMMA in buttocks, they also take on the task of disseminating multimedia material filmed in the operating room where bloody scenes are shown that impress anyone unfamiliar with medical-surgical procedures such as silicone extractions, necrotic buttocks, curettage of necrotic fat injections, encapsulated gluteal prosthesis, etc., passing them off as if they were cases of legitimate PMMA.

This malignant strategy does not have the purpose of protecting the patient and watching over his safety, but rather to favor the interests of those surgeons who are only looking to perform fat injections even when it is known that they are not very effective, especially in thin patients, or to sell gluteal prosthesis, which is a very complex surgical operation with high failure rates.

Key factors for a successful Buttocks Augmentation (with Bioplasty):

  • Duly certified cosmetic surgeon
  • Duly certified PMMA
  • Medical protocols and sculpting skills using restricted PMMA amount as opposed to stuffing/cramming substance without a professional criteria.

Final goals to be met by Buttock Bioplasty contemplate overall buttocks enhancement, which involves projection, definition, shaping, hips smooth enhancement and firmness.


A term that has become popular over the past years is “Butt Shots”, but this has nothing to do with Buttock Bioplasty.

This pseudo-procedure is nothing but silicone shots whereas Bioplasty by PMMA done by qualified cosmetic surgeons, is about using the correct biocompatible tissue filler within medical standards.

Aesthetic Corrections Without Surgery Hassle

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