Are you not being told the truth behind PMMA?

June 21, 2018

Have you an idea of the number of tissue fillers that once were FDA approved, yet not anymore?

Have you an idea of the number of substances that changed their names and are used only in Europe without FDA approval?

Are you looking for something specially designed for buttocks enhancement in USA that is FDA approved at a more or less reasonable price?

Are people with no experience in tissue fillers handling telling you that Linnea Safe brand is toxic, dangerous and god knows what else?

Are you wondering why if PMMA is FDA approved for face use only and doctors in USA use it for face rejuvenation its use for buttocks augmentation is not approved? Simply because cost is exorbitant. Furthermore the viscosity needed for buttocks is not available, only low viscosity for face use is.

Are you wondering how come we pay less for Bioplasty in Colombia than we would in USA?

  • Bioplasty has been at the head of buttocks embellishment for more than 2 decades which set us as pioneers in the field.
  • Brazil has developed high technology for non-migrating biocompatible substances for replenishing buttocks volume loss.
  • Our living and labour cost are lower than in USA, so manufacturing costs.

It all boils down to education on this field, shifting from the silicone mentality to the biocompatible latest technology substances that have an entirely different approach in order to protect health, avoid unnecessary risks and obtain amazing non migrating results that are a combination between a biocompatible substance and one’s own body reactions to produce stronger inner anatomical structures which translates into youth, elasticity and plumpness.

If you analyze the following table, you will only end up confused having learned nothing about it being some products do not exist anymore or have changed their names, do not have FDA approval and ALL OF THEM are meant to be used in face only.

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