Non-Surgical BBL, An Aesthetic Revolution

July 29, 2018

Non-surgical Brazilian Butt Lift aka Buttocks Bioplasty is an amazing medical technique developed many years ago by a known doctor in Brazil, Almir Moojen Nácul. Its basic principles are simple and coherent,  promoting inner connective tissue growth around PMMA microspheres implanted into gluteus muscles as the result of our body’s strong defense mechanisms against foreign agents.

This advanced technology substance with a strong accent put into biocompatibility, as well as biodegradable abilities for seamless interaction with the human body, is named to be one of the most valid substitutes for surgeries that haven’t had a successful record of results, and the only one with a superior success rate, claimed by surgery defenders that implants may be removed when time comes to it which is pretty soon anyway in the greater majority of cases.

Last-generation fillers for face and muscle enhancement, are said to be, by most renown experts in plastic surgery great advances in the aesthetics field, having an unimaginable projection for the coming years, and which have already changed the picture. These are already the options people are turning to when thinking about face rejuvenation and buttocks muscle mass-loss replacement. Results are immediate within a totally easygoing approach.

The minimally-invasive medical techniques likely to be performed in-office, using these pearls of beauty that produce relevant immediate changes, have already become the answer people nowadays are after. Bioplasty is no doubt the solution for poor muscle development, volume increase, contouring, firming up and achieving maximum enhancement. Furthermore, gluteus muscles mass-loss, typical in middle-aged people, cause great deterioration of the back region thus causing skin to have support from underneath and collapsing with flaccidity. People who suffer from deficient back side cushioning, end up sitting literally between upper thighs and bones which is extremely painful.

Buttocks have emerged from the bottom of the earth to make us realize things are dynamic, once taking care of our front fence was all that mattered, now realizing our back yards suck, is the trend!

After decades of being the “Cinderella” of our bodies, the buttocks area has become the “celebrity” in our present time.
Through sophisticated minimally-invasive medical techniques, these very hot high tech biocompatible substances, (both for facial and buttocks enhancement) are offering each of us the entrance to a world of injections that make a real difference and makes things a lot easier too.

The speed of a rhythm that demands quick astonishing looks within a few hours is such, that preference for these next-generation aesthetic techniques grows day by day.
Younger people have the need for aesthetic improvement to be fast, generous and as minimally-invasive as possible.

Laser and tissue fillers are already part of the high technology medical battery to approach a demanding future where time plays a very important role . Much younger people than in the past, step these days into the youth & beauty prolonging way of life, to possibly delay aging as far as possible and the deterioration processes to hopefully never have the need for actual surgeries. Natural and believable faces and bodies that are remarkably real yet so beautiful, should be the trend for all of us to enter into, and the easy way out to accomplish the task.

The stigmas left in our faces and bodies by the surgery-boom era is the shouting out loud warning us heroines and pioneers of the times when doctors couldn’t do any better, which have set the bases for our sisters and brothers to have across the new millennium.

Years of research for our modern Chemistry to develop these biocompatible compounds have finally been released for us to have new options available. The latest science advances are at the reach of our hands, and we have at our disposal unique, beauty elixirs that are producing dramatic changes in the beauty scenarios today.

The slogan is: if you’re beautiful, signs of cosmetic surgery within you cannot be evident. Reaching your 70’s having not had surgical face rejuvenation procedures done is the greatest goal of all! These days, you may accomplish it quite easily. The evidence left in our bodies and faces, the embarrassment of being detected immediately as a plastic surgery consumer is something unbearable to continue to be so.

Body definition, muscle mass-loss replacement, skin rejuvenation, contouring and projection of various regions of our bodies, from face to toes, are enhancements needed to keep glowing fresh, and the best part is that they’re already available for us!

Aesthetic Corrections Without Surgery Hassle

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