A Journey in Search for the Perfect Derriere

August 14, 2017

As specialists in the field of Buttocks Bioplasty we are concerned that many people only consider price as the main basis to determine their decisions instead of trying to fully understand the various Buttock Enhancement procedures that exist along with the consequences and sequelae they may carry.

With the purpose in mind to help deepening the subject of Buttocks Enhancement, hereby we describe a typical example of a person searching for this kind of procedure along with some questions aimed to stimulate further thought.

Phase 1

A lady who thinks she needs buttocks enhancement is considering undergoing a Brazilian Butt Lift (BBL). At this stage she is conservative, coherent, logical, realistic and smart enough as to realize her own fat will only produce a temporary and very discreet result. But she accepts it.


1. Do you know what the consequences on the buttocks anatomical planes are after the injected fat resorbs?

 2. Do you know how BBL affects a bioplasty performed later on?

 3. Are inner anatomical buttocks layers of a woman who has undergone BBL the same than someone’s who has never had anything done?

4. Is it possible to shape, contour and add volume to irregular, uneven and hardened tissues without conditioning and repairing the area beforehand ?

Phase 2

She now contemplates the scenario where she undergoes buttock implant surgery rising immediately her buttocks size expectation. She shifts from the moderate attitude she had towards BBL to a much more exalted mood, where she’s definitely thinking big: the metamorphosis has begun. She would not settle for anything less than her imaginary ideal no matter the associated risks and how much excruciating post-op period will be.


1. Do you know that there is a buttock implants size that is suitable for your anatomical structure despite what your desire is?

2. Do you know this is a surgery which is subject to medical assessment rather than a product you obtain at the store?

3. Do you know what the buttock prostheses rejection rate is, the complexity of the postoperative period and the medium and long-term consequences of this type of surgery?

4. Do you know that gluteal implants create a wide gap between the outer edge of the implant and hip revealing implant presence immediately?

5. Do you know how buttocks tissues are affected when the force of gravity pulls down the implants leaving glutes flaccid and droopy?

Phase 3

The same person that used to be realistic and conservative towards Brazilian Butt Lift now begins to wonder that 500 cc buttock implants which are the largest can get, might not be sufficient to meet her imaginary ideal; her metamorphosis has not stopped yet, now she needs making sure her buttocks surgery could boost up even more by adding soft tissue expanders.

1. Do you know that the hollow steps between implants and hips must be evened out as well as asymmetries that may occur after surgery?

2. Do you know there are medical protocols that prevent doctors from implanting soft tissue expanders beyond certain limits without jeopardizing patients’ safety and even putting them at death risk?

3. Do you know that all cases of malpractice that have caused serious side effects and even death due to pulmonary thromboembolisms were caused by injecting excessive amounts of substance independently if it was silicone, patient’s own fat or biocompatible soft tissue expander?

Phase 4

Now, the once intelligent woman that understood perfectly the limitations of Brazilian Butt Lift moves up to irrational aspirations thinking that perhaps she could leave buttock implants aside thus avoiding surgery, shortening costs and recovery period, and instead starting an endless series of bioplasty sessions performed one after the other preferably on monthly basis under no medical protocols of any kind until getting the imaginary desired humongous goal.


1. Do you know that Biocompatible Soft Tissue Expander are not intended to inflate the derriere but rather promoting the creation of new layers of internal connective tissue which offer true support to the entire gluteal structure?

2. Do you know that the process of creating these new tissue layers takes at least 8-12 months between one  Bioplasty session and the other?

3. Do you know Buttocks Bioplasty is not about quantity but quality?

Phase 5

Upon having had medical assessment and realized her ideas were totally insane besides having worked out how much it would cost if at all possible to do it her way, she finds out she has unwantedly promoted a situation in which multiple scenarios have overwhelmed her during her journey to obtaining the largest possible buttocks volume. She eventually collapses after having been faced up to the Paradox of Choice.


Do you know what is the Paradox of choice and how it affects your decisions?

Phase 6

At this stage, she returns back to the basics reconsidering Brazilian Butt Lift because after all, it’s the simplest way out, lot of hype, media exposure, all of it very convincing and if worse comes to worse, she will have had a liposuction as a consolation prize to make up for the lack of buttocks relevance.


1. Do you know that liposuction performed by areas leaves frustrating and unsatisfactory results?

2. Do you know that for a BBL to have a minimum success it is necessary to do a complete liposuction of the entire torso? (i.e. upper & lower abdomen, upper & lower waist, upper & lower back and eventually inner thighs; if surgery is not done this way those areas that have not been suctioned will stand out causing distortions and irregularities besides fat to be transplanted will be very scarce)

3. Do you know a slim person can never be a good candidate for a Brazilian Butt Lift despite what she may be told?

4. Do you know that the transplanted fat has a high rate of resorption and the vast majority of fat grafts die due to lack of blood irrigation?

5. Do you know that in order to perform an autologous fat transfer surgeons can’t use modern liposuction techniques such as laser or vaser because they would destroy the adipocytes (i.e. the fat cells needed for transplantation) and therefore liposuction must be performed with the old and traumatic tumescent technique?

Phase 7

After 2-3 months when swollenness has diminished and fat resorption begins taking place, she realizes she was never a good candidate for such BBL procedure nor she had sufficient fat to donate towards her buttocks. Furthermore liposuction performed by areas left many irregularities and unevenness creating lot of frustration. Additionally she ignored the sequelae left by the fat transfer procedure, i.e. inner scarring, fibrosis, hardened spots, hollow areas and indentations produced when implanting fat.

1. Do you know that after a tumescent liposuction and fat transfer, you should wait at least two years before you consider a bioplasty?

2. Do you know that irregularities left by a tumescent liposuction practiced by areas should be corrected no sooner than a year after the procedure and never in combination with bioplasty.


Doctors in charge of performing buttocks bioplasty on patients that have already undergone BBL or buttock implants are the ones to suffer all the consequences generated by these 2 procedures.

Also they are usually mistreated by people that lack education and understanding of the differences between the idiosyncrasies of their countries of origin and this part of the world. Surely not the way they would treat doctors and their staff back at home.

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