A soft tissue biocompatible expander for butts and hips enhancement

July 10, 2017

One of the most frequent complaints people who undergo buttock augmentation using fillers express is that they feel lumps and empty labyrinths internally and on the other hand they do not know what product has been used in their body, which generally means that illegal substances have been used, usually silicone or some by-product.

On the other hand, people lack knowledge about this procedure, looking basically for low prices and large volumes.

With these priorities in mind, they have no concern about the toxicity of the product, its biodegradability, its ability to integrate with tissues without causing side effects such as lumps, redness, discoloration of the skin, various types of skin stains, and a wide range of problems related with their immune system.

We are often consulted by people who, having looked for more gluteal volume, were injected with substances of dubious origin, promoted under fantasy brands and names, that refer to us one or more of the health side effects described above; this leads us to deduce those substances were silicone or some of its derivatives; when informed about their ineligibility to undergo gluteal bioplasty using PMMA tissue expander, they get surprised and even annoyed.

The reason is that legitimate biocompatible and biodegradable PMMA soft tissue expander, produced under Brazilian license cannot be mixed with substances derived from silicone due to their mutual incompatibility.

We observe that the rationale for gluteal enhancement has not been properly understood; it is confused with the ambition for an exaggerated increase of volume of the derriere without taking into consideration the future behavior all that non-biodegrading inert mass will have when succumbing to the force of gravity.

The fundamental principles behind an inert substance and a biocompatible one is that the former uses buttocks as mere containers to store weight while the latter works in a totally different way: legitimate PMMA soft tissue expander is made of perfectly smooth microspheres of polymethyl methacrylate dispersed in a carboxymethylcellulose gel that acts as a vehicle carrying the microspheres.

The vehicle (carboxymethylcellulose) cushions and protects the PMMA microspheres and at the same time provides instant volume to the buttocks until the organism produces the connective tissue stimulated by the microspheres. The vehicle will slowly fade away (biodegrades) leaving behind the new alive connective tissue that will give to the buttocks that fresh and gorgeous look.

This way, there can be no rejection or side reactions to the natural processes of the human body while silicone on the other hand is stored and calcified forever inside the internal tissues, producing all the above mentioned problems.

Gluteal enhancement by PMMA is not based on an exaggerated volume but instead it promotes firmness and improves overall shape and contour including hips achieving notorious, natural and harmonious results, never comparable to those obtained by passive storage of illegal substances used indiscriminately causing flaccidity and droopiness in gluteal tissues.

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