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Firmness, Definition & Projection

Firmness Definition Projection

The Three Key Factors That Define Glutes Beauty

Non-Surgical BBL

Non-surgical Brazilian Butt Lift, aka Buttocks Bioplasty, is a biomodeling technique of the gluteal area whereby with the help of a microcannula, the specialist infiltrates a PMMA-based biocompatible tissue filler to achieve firmness, definition and projection hence effectively augmenting the volume of the buttocks. The procedure is performed under local anesthesia without pain, downtime and achieving immediate and long-lasting results.

Is non-surgical BBL available in the US?

Due to the excessive cost of the FDA registration process which can run into the tens or even the hundreds of millions of dollars, Brazilian tissue filler manufacturers cannot afford to enter the American market, and that is basically why there isn’t a legally approved gluteal filler in the United States. American doctors use facial products such as Sculptra or Artefill and inject them off-label into buttocks leading to failures and high frustration in patients as facial fillers lack the necessary consistency and lifespan.

PMMA injections are used for non surgical BBL treatment, buttock enlargement, buttock lift, and buttock augmentation. Injecting PMMA is one of our specialties. Find out more about augmentation without surgery for your buttocks

At the Bioplasty Center in South America we specialize in the enhancement and volumization of the gluteal area through the use of a cutting-edge dermal filler based on PMMA microspheres approved by the Brazilian FDA. When required, we place high strength anchoring fibers to compact and lift sagging and flaccid tissues of the buttocks.

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